COVID-19 Visitor Policy

COVID-19 Visitor Policy
Posted on 03/20/2020

Dear Patient,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of changing guidelines and increased restrictions from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) as well as recommendations from the Chief Medical Office of Doylestown Hospital regarding social distancing, particularly in medical environments, we are clarifying our policy for the office regarding visitors as follows:

A. Only 1 support person per patient (and only if absolutely necessary).

We are doing our best to prescreen every patient for risk factors prior to coming in the office, however, we cannot effectively screen every support person as well. Therefore, in order to effectively minimize the patient and provider risk we find it is necessary to limit the number of people entering the office and therefore come to see the doctor alone.

 B. No children in the office.

We realize that your children are home from school, however, we would ask that you find appropriate childcare in lieu of bringing them with you. We are asking you to keep your children home for their safety and the safety of our other patients, our providers and staff.

If you have an OB appointment or an urgent issue and cannot find childcare, please call the office and we will try to reschedule your appointment for a time that is convenient for you to come alone.

Our administrative staff are attempting to reinforce all of these policies in an effort to keep you and your family safe and healthy. Please be patient and understanding.


Jean O. Fitzgerald, MD

Vivian W. Yeh, MD

Carolyn E. Ianieri, DO

Zahra K. DeFour, MD

Candice M. Loughery, MD