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Dr. Sendzik Announces His Retirement
Posted on 02/03/2016

Dr. Sendzik Announces His Retirement

Dear Patients:

With mixed joy and sadness, I am writing this letter to let you know that I have retired from the practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology effective January 6, 2016.

As a practicing OB/GYN over a career that spanned 40 years, 35 of which were spent in Doylestown, I have had the privilege of sharing in the joy and wonderment of new life. You gave me the honor of trusting me with caring for you, performing surgeries, delivering your babies, and in many cases, delivering your grandchildren.

Although there were many sleepless nights, nothing can take away from the shared experiences of joy in bringing a new life into this world at a time so important to you.

As you know, I leave behind three excellent physicians who, along with the staff at Doylestown Women’s Health Center are available to provide compassionate, quality care to you. Please call the office at (215)340-2229 to make your appointment.

Again, I thank you for the honor of caring for you and wish you continued good health and happiness!

-Nestor I. Sendzik, M.D., FACOG