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Beware These UTI Culprits
Posted on 05/22/2017
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Beware These UTI Culprits


If you've experienced that constant and intense urge to urinate and a burning feeling when you do, you are not alone. According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in five women will experience a UTI, or urinary tract infection, at some point in her life. But some experts estimate that number is more like half of all women. And many of those women will have repeat infections. Besides those symptoms, UTIs bring on fever or chills, exhaustion, pain in your back or lower abdomen, and abnormal urine. UTI is one of the most common bacterial infections and occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply in the bladder. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your Bucks county OB/GYN for an appointment to confirm and get treatment.

The chances of you getting a UTI are pretty great, especially thanks to some well-known culprits that help bring on or advance the bacterial infection. Luckily, by becoming aware of any of these seven offenders, you can avoid their miscreant ways. 

1. Sex

Okay, this might be one of the culprits you don't want to avoid. But having sex can allow for the transfer of bacteria from the bowel or vaginal cavity into the urethra. To offset this risk, excuse yourself and pee within 30 minutes of finishing sex. This gives bacteria less chance to enter the urinary tract.

2. Wiping The "Wrong" Way

Going with the same theme as above, E. coli, the bacteria that lives in the bowel, can also travel to your urethra if you wipe from back to front. Instead, always, always wipe like your mother taught you - from front to back - and avoid moving that bacteria close to your urethra.

3. Constipation

If you are frequently constipated you may be at greater risk of a UTI. When you're constipated, it's more difficult to empty your bladder all the way. This gives the bacteria trapped in your bladder more time to grow and cause infection.

4. Uncontrolled Diabetes

Unfortunately, diabetics are more likely to suffer from a UTI because the bacteria in your bladder is attracted to sugar. If your blood sugar is high, the sugar is removed to your bladder giving the bacteria a great place to multiply. 

5. Holding Your Pee

Also something your mom hopefully told you...go when you gotta go! Holding your urine is, again, a prime opportunity for bacteria to grow. 

6. Dehydration

There are numerous beneficial effects of drinking a lot of water, but now you can add "avoiding a UTI" to the list. Most experts recommend that you drink half your weight in ounces of water. This attempt at hydration will keep you peeing and flush out the bacteria in your urine before it has the chance to grow.

7. Birth Control 

Changing up your birth control can shift your hormones and change the bacteria in your vagina which can increase your chance of a UTI. Using spermicides or diaphragms can also increase your risk. 

UTI? Contact Doylestown Women's Health Center

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