Nesting Isn’t Just for the Birds

Nesting Isn’t Just for the Birds
Posted on 08/10/2020

Have you found yourself alphabetizing the spice rack, color coding your closet, or deep cleaning the whole house? You may be nesting, a pre-labor instinct that helps get you and your home ready for baby and helps pass the time, helping make those last weeks (that feel like years) go by a little faster.

Ah, those later months of pregnancy where going for a walk feels like an uphill marathon and lying on your back is no longer allowed. There are many emotions, new feelings, and thoughts that accompany the later stages of pregnancy. One of the most common ones you seem to hear about is nesting.

Nesting is one of those pregnancy buzzwords that is often tossed around without much thought. You may be asking yourself, “But what is nesting? Am I nesting right now? How do I know if I’m nesting?” All great questions that we’ll answer here.

What Is Nesting?

Nesting is the biological instinct to prepare your home for a baby. It can manifest in different ways from wanting to clean, set up the nursery, and feeling the urge to organize. Some women experience this deep into their gut or bones while some don’t feel it as strongly. Most often nesting is recognized by a burst of energy in the last few weeks of pregnancy with a desire to prepare the home for baby’s arrival.

Am I Nesting?

Some women experience twinges of nesting all throughout their pregnancies without realizing they’re nesting; other women don’t feel any need to nest until they’re just a few weeks out from delivering. Nesting manifests itself in a multitude of ways ranging from logical to feeling borderline crazy. It’s completely normal to nest and is a sign of mentally preparing to bring baby home to a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

How Do I Know If I’m Nesting?

Some women describe nesting as an undeniable urge, akin to feeling thirst and needing a glass of water, to prepare their home for baby. Most recognizably the sudden uptick in energy or feeling the need to clean, organize, or decorate is a sure sign you’ve begun nesting.

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