Is Pregnancy Safe after 35?

Is Pregnancy Safe after 35?
Posted on 06/17/2021

If you are pregnant or hope to become pregnant, there’s sure to be a flurry of questions racing through your mind about what is best for the health of you and your baby. You may even be wondering if your age could affect the outcome and safety of your pregnancy, even though more and more women are waiting to conceive into their 30’s and beyond. At Doylestown Women’s Health Center, we know that worrying is a normal part of bringing a child into the world and that everyone’s concerns are unique. As your Bucks County OB-GYN, we are dedicated to answering your questions, putting your mind at ease, and offering support so that your pregnancy journey is as delightful and beautiful as possible.

Why Women Choose to Wait

It’s no secret that many people are choosing to wait longer to have children, and that can mean well into their 30’s and beyond. Not only is there an incredible selection of highly effective birth control to help you plan your family, but you might also have waited due to work, education, lifestyle, or simply circumstance. Whatever your reason, there’s no need to stress too much about your biological clock “running out” because, although there are some risks to consider, with expert prenatal and postpartum care, women are having healthy babies even as late as their 40’s.

Risk Factors for Later Pregnancy

These risk factors should be taken into consideration if you are planning to conceive after 35. Discussing them with your healthcare provider will help you make a plan for prenatal care, and prepare you for any difficulties.

  • It might take you longer to conceive.
  • You are more likely to become pregnant with twins.
  • There is an increased risk of gestational diabetes.
  • You are more likely to develop high blood pressure.
  • There is a higher risk of Chromosome abnormalities.
  • You may need a C-section.
  • The Risk of pregnancy loss is higher.
  • The Risk of premature birth is higher.

These risks are present for any pregnancy, but their frequency is slightly increased due to normal hormonal changes that occur as women age. Most of these risks can be prevented very effectively by healthy diet and exercise, careful prenatal care, and supervision by a professional through ultrasounds and check-ups.

See Your Bucks County Gynecologist

Meeting with your gynecologist throughout your pregnancy is a vital step in ensuring the health of you and your child. Even if you haven’t yet conceived, it is important to visit your OBGYN to discuss your fertility, pre-existing conditions, and lifestyle choices you can make now that will pay off later. Your doctor at Doylestown Women’s Health Center will monitor your progress and provide advice and support from conception until birth, as well as postpartum care and breastfeeding advice for new mothers. Contact us to request an appointment for your first consultation, we can’t wait to meet you!