How to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Family

How to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Family
Posted on 04/21/2017
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Getting pregnant can be one of the most joyful moments of your life: you're starting one of life's richest, most challenging, and most rewarding journeys. And, lucky for you, one of the first steps is also one of the most fun – telling your family! While some families may prefer a more serious, straightforward conversation, announcing a pregnancy to family can also be an opportunity to have some fun while celebrating the occasion.

Announcing a Pregnancy to Family

How you choose to announce your new pregnancy will depend on the dynamic you have with your family, and different methods will feel most comfortable to different people. Here a variety of fun ideas for breaking the good news:

  • A classic announcement joke is to inform your family that your house is under construction – because you're adding 2 feet. It may take them a minute to get the joke, but if they have trouble, just explain that they're the kind of feet that walk. 
  • If you're having family over to your house for an occasion, try sticking a hamburger bun in your oven, then asking them to check if there's anything in the oven. Just be ready with a camera once they figure it out!
  • Try using tweezers to carefully extract the fortune from a fortune cookie, then slip a fortune you printed inside that announces the good news. For extra points, make a cookie for each member of your family, then discreetly hand them to the waiter while you're all out to eat. Imagine their surprise when a waiter sets down cookies with that fortune inside!
  • If you're visiting your family, bring along a pair of baby shoes. As you're unpacking, hold them up and ask your family if there's anywhere you can put them.
  • Another classic is to put an announcement inside a board game like Scrabble, then ask your family to play after dinner. Let one of them go and get the game, and just watch the look on their faces when they open it up!

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