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5 Tips for Trying to Get Pregnant
Posted on 10/10/2017
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5 Tips for Trying to Get Pregnant

Get A Checkup

An important first step to take before you start trying to conceive is to go see your doctor for a checkup. Ideally, this should be during your cycle just before you start trying. After all, you'll want to know about any underlying medical conditions and make sure you are healthy before you start trying to conceive. While you're at it, be sure to ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins, especially supplements containing folic acid, which can help guard against birth defects.

Get to Know Your Cycle

Start tracking your cycle and pay close attention to timing. One easy way to track your cycle and figure out when you are the most fertile is to use an app, such as Glow Ovulation App. That way, you'll have a better idea of when you're the most fertile, and you can aim to have sex during that time.

Have Sex Often, But Don't Overdo It

Part of trying to get pregnant is just a numbers game. The more times you have sex, the more opportunities you have to conceive. That being said, having sex every day won't necessarily increase your chances, but every other day is a good goal to shoot for.

Be Sure Your Partner Doesn't Wear Tight Pants

Be sure your partner isn't wearing tight pants. As it turns out, wearing tighter-fitting pants can decrease a man's sperm count. Instead, suggest opting for a more relaxed fit when it comes to boxers and pants. In addition, have your guy stay away from edamame and soy for a little while. Although soy products aren't detrimental by any means, there is some evidence that suggests that soy can decrease a man's sperm concentration.

Eat Healthy & Maintain A Healthy Weight


To increase your chances of conceiving, it's important to eat healthy and exercise regularly. While this may seem obvious, maintaining a BMI in the normal range is important when it comes to trying to get pregnant. If you are underweight or exercise excessively, you may experience amenorrhea, or a loss of your period. To check to see if your BMI falls in the healthy range, try using this easy BMI calculator.  

For High-Quality Pregnancy Care, Visit Doylestown Women's Health Center

As we previously mentioned, the first step in trying to get pregnant is to visit your local OB/GYN in Bucks County, PA. At Doylestown Women's Health Center, our skilled team of female gynecologists and obstetricians will help you through your pregnancy every step of the way—from trying to conceive, to pregnancy care, through actually giving birth. This is such an exciting time for you, and we hope you'll welcome our help and expertise to make sure your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible. To schedule an appointment at Doylestown Women's Health Center, give us a call at 215-310-2229. We look forward to hearing from you!