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labor and deliveryCongratulations on taking the first step in expanding your family. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and important things that many women and their families go through. Here at Doylestown Women's Health Center, we know that you likely have some questions about what to expect in the coming months as well as during your labor and delivery. We can help you find answers to those questions and get all of the support you need.

Getting Ready for Childbirth

Many women do not realize that there are so many different types of childbirth until they speak to a doctor. Nearly 70% of women go through a vaginal delivery, which is a natural form of childbirth. Other options include assisted vaginal birth in which a medical professional helps the baby come out and a C-section.

As a way to help you get ready for the miracle of birth, we offer birthing classes. Many classes focus on bringing the family together and showing every member what they can do to help with the process. Lamaze classes are popular with many expectant mothers because they learn natural ways to cope with the pain they experience during childbirth. These classes also teach you what you can and cannot do in the weeks after birth and offer tips on postpartum care. Make sure you talk with a female gynecologist in Doylestown, PA about your class options.

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C-Section Delivery

A C-section delivery occurs for many different reasons and involves intervention from a gynecologist. If you had a C-section in the past, your doctor will likely recommend that you have another one. It is also a common choice during issues that occur during delivery such as when the baby begins coming out feet first or when the baby has problems breathing. Once you go through a C-section, you may need more time in the hospital. You can talk with your doctor about any concerns you have before or after the procedure.

Postpartum Care from Doylestown Women's Health Center

At Doylestown Women's Health Center, we do not stop helping our patients once they give birth. Many of our patients spend at least two days and up to four days with us before they head home. We want to ensure that you and your baby are healthy before you leave. You can request for a support person to remain with you all day and night and have visitors come in during our standard visiting hours. We recommend that you look for signs of postpartum depression such as unexplained crying, mood swings, feeling restless, and having trouble sleeping. If you experience any of these symptoms, get in touch with your female gynecologist in Doylestown, PA as soon as possible.

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When you choose us, you get more than just a team of medical professionals. We make you our number one priority and are ready to answer any questions you might have. Set up your first appointment today or learn more about how our Stork Club can prepare you for childbirth.

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