ultrasoundFew things are as exciting, heartwarming, and special as seeing the first images of your growing baby –  and here at Doylestown Women's Health Center, we'd be thrilled to help you experience this wonderful step on the journey to parenting. Our doctors and staff are honored to share some of your most precious memories, and we use the most cutting-edge sonogram technologies and techniques to make ultrasound screenings a successful part of your full pregnancy care

About Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds give us an exciting window into the growth and the development of your new baby, and they're one of the foundational tools your OB/GYN doctor will use to care for you. During an ultrasound, your pregnancy doctor will slowly move a transducer across your abdomen. The transducer emits sound waves, which bounce off of the tissues, body fluids, and bones of your baby, giving us a clear picture of your baby on the monitor. We can perform an ultrasound at any point during pregnancy, but we'll commonly perform one during the first trimester to confirm your pregnancy and see how far along you are, as well as the second trimester to determine your baby's sex. Your pregnancy doctor may also recommend ultrasounds to check for developmental or skeletal abnormalities and better understand how your baby is developing.

In some cases, we'll recommend ultrasound treatment to diagnose or monitor certain health problems like pelvic pain or a mass in the pelvis, a lump in the breast, infertility, or abnormal bleeding. Normally, we'll transfer you to Doylestown Hospital to have these procedures performed. 

Ultrasound Options at Doylestown Women’s Health Center

We're proud to offer basic ultrasound services during the first trimester and sometimes the second trimester as a regular part of our prenatal care. We always want treatment to be as convenient and affordable as possible for you, so depending on your insurance, we may refer you to Doylestown Hospital if you need a second or third-trimester ultrasound. Our OB/GYN treatment team works closely with the doctors and staff at Doylestown Hospital, helping us deliver comprehensive pregnancy care as conveniently as possible for our patients. 

Schedule an Appointment with Doylestown Women's Health Center

We're proud to provide ultrasound services to our established patients, helping to make sure your pregnancy healthcare goes smoothly from the early stages to birth and the early days of parenting. Your pregnancy doctor will provide a basic ultrasound during your first trimester as a regular part of treatment, and we'll refer you to Doylestown Hospital if you need an ultrasound during the second or third trimester.

If you're a current patient with us and want to schedule your ultrasound appointment, please call (215) 340-2229 ext. 120.

Whether you're getting closer to your due date or have just found out you're pregnant and want the best pregnancy care in Doylestown, we're always happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at (215) 340-2229 with any questions or to schedule an appointment at our Doylestown women's healthcare facility. We look forward to hearing from you, and we're excited to help you through every part of the journey of pregnancy!