First Visit

Know What to Expect From Your First Gynecologist Appointment

If you have never been your Bucks County gynecologist before, it's completely understandable if you feel nervous about your impending appointment. However, women's health checkups are necessary to identify and prevent possible issues and to keep you in the best health possible. They are also completely normal. Millions of women go through routine checkups on a weekly basis, and while every one of them was in the same situation as you once, visits to the OBGYN are now are normal and comfortable as a trip to the dentist.

When to Visit Your Gynecologist

Ideally, you should schedule your first OB/GYN appointment when you are 21 years of age. However, it doesn’t hurt to schedule your first visit before that if you are sexually active at a young age. You should also schedule a visit with your gynecologist if you need a routine pap smear, are pregnant or need relief from menopause symptoms. At Doylestown Women's Health Center, our doctors and team are prepared to make your visit as comfortable as possible, regardless of your reason for visiting us in the first place. 

That said, if you have never visited our women health center, you may be curious as to what to expect. Below is an overview of what you can expect from your first visit to our office.

Are You Ready for Your First Visit?

If you're not sure whether or not you should schedule a visit with our OB/GYN, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to be sure. Those are as follows:

  • Are you contemplating sexual activity?
  • Are you 18 years of age?
  • Do you have questions regarding your menstrual cycle?
  • Are you interested in receiving the Gardasil vaccine?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be ready to visit your Bucks County gynecologist.

What to Expect From Your First Visit

Once in our office, one of our associates will hand you a questionnaire. It is important that you answer all of the questions honestly so you can be sure to receive proper treatment. The questions in the questionnaire are in regard to your health, sexual activities and menstrual cycle.

Beyond the initial questionnaire, your visit may look different depending on your age and the answers you provide. For instance, if you are under 26, the clinic may offer you HPV vaccination and counseling. Our team may also recommend the following tests:

  • PAP Test
  • Pelvic Exam
  • Breast Exam
  • Physical Exam
Our team may also provide advice regarding your general health and lifestyle, birth control, menstrual history, past pregnancies, family medical history, medical needs, current medications, and other relevant factors. We are also prepared to answer any questions or address any concerns you have regarding your health.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

If you want to work with a Bucks County gynecologist who is caring, compassionate and professional, call our women's health center today. You can get in touch with us by phone at (215) 340-2229 or reach out to us at our contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you!