On behalf of the physicians and staff of Doylestown Women’s Health Center we would like to thank all of you, our patients, for your support and understanding during this difficult time in health care due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are exceedingly thankful for your patience as we navigate how best to provide continuing compassionate care during this pandemic while providing a safe and healthy environment to both patients and staff.

As you know, we have been following local and state guidelines of seeing only urgent gynecology and obstetric patients in our office. As the peak pandemic period appears to have passed, local hospitals are reopening non urgent testing centers and surgical suites to elective procedures. DWHC would now also like to slowly and systematically reopen our doors to patients at the office, including annual and non-urgent gynecological patients.

A few things to keep in mind…

  1. We will continue to screen all patients.

    We have put several measures in place to screen patients before they come into the office. These include asking questions to determine if you have symptoms of the virus or if you have any risk factors, including having been exposed to someone with COVID. To cut down on your time spent in the office, we have streamlined our registration system and will ask you to fill out significant paperwork including medical histories, annual updates, and patient information forms prior to coming to your appointment. You can access these forms on our website, the “Patient Forms” tab.We will also be checking temperatures of every patient who comes to the office. If a patient has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, they will be asked to reschedule.

  2. Masks or a face covering will be required for a patient to be seen at the office.

    We know that some people are asymptomatic and still have the virus. Wearing a face mask minimizes the risk of respiratory droplet spread in these people. All providers will be wearing masks and gloves and rooms will be appropriately disinfected between patients. We ask that all patients comply with the face covering requirement by wearing either a mask, scarf, or bandanna of some sort.

  3. We will continue to limit volumes of patients in the office.

    As we transition back to seeing our non-urgent patients, we will continue to minimize the patient population in the office to allow for continued social distancing. This means that we will continue to enforce restrictions we have put in place regarding no children or support people in the office.

  4. We will continue to offer Telemedicine visits, as appropriate, to those patients who still do not wish to come to the office or cannot physically come to the office at this time.

    Telemedicine has been a successful addition to our practice and we will continue to offer this option throughout the transition period.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your patience, understanding and support. We look forward to welcoming our patients back to the office. Please call our office at (215)340-2229 with any questions you may have or to reschedule or schedule your next appointment.

Above all, stay safe, continue to practice social distancing and careful hand washing!

Jean O. Fitzgerald, MD
Vivian W. Yeh, MD
Carolyn E, Ianieri, DO
Zahra K. DeFour, MD
Candice M. Loughery, MD