Tests & Ultrasounds

During your pregnancy your doctors will recommend and order various tests and ultrasounds. This may include bloodwork panels and a routine pregnancy ultrasound at between 18 and 20 weeks. 

It is your responsibility to verify with your insurance plan if these tests are covered, and if there are any restrictions as to the facility they must be performed at. If your insurance requires referrals or pre-certification for tests or ultrasounds it is your responsibility to request them prior to your appointment. For referrals please call Kristina at (215)340-2229 ext.  120. Please understand that these tests and ultrasounds are ordered in the best interests of your care.

If you should decide to decline any tests or ultrasounds based on your insurance coverage your decision will be noted in your file accordingly. 

By signing the HIPAA regulation form you will be permitting the physicians or nursing staff to leave test results or answers to your medical questions on your home answering machine. Please make sure to advise us if you do not wish to have messages left.