Cord Blood Collection

At Doylestown Women’s Health Center, we offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care for girls and women in Doylestown and the surrounding communities. We aim to provide only the smoothest experience possible, so for new mothers who are about to give birth, we offer the option to opt for cord blood collection, working with certified providers to provide you with valuable insurance for your child’s health for the future.

What Is Cord Blood Collection?

Cord blood collection, also commonly referred to as cord blood banking, is the process of collecting and storing the blood that is present in your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after birth. The purpose of cord blood collection is to save the stem cells that are present in the blood, which could potentially be used to help treat conditions that the child may develop in the future, as well as conditions of parents or siblings.

Our Policies On Cord Blood Collection

Cord Blood Banking Providers

You may opt to have cord blood collected at your delivery, but we do not provide cord blood collections kits for deliveries or partner with any cord blood collections companies to provide this service. It is up to you to select the cord blood collection company, since there are many different companies that offer this service, and it is preferred that you choose the one the best meets your needs. If you have difficulty finding a cord blood collection company, you can search online, check various parenting magazines, or contact us and a member of our staff will be able to help you.

If you do opt to have your child’s cord blood collected, you will need to bring the kit provided to you by your cord blood collection provider with you to the hospital at the time of your delivery.

How Much Does Cord Blood Collection Cost?

There is a $150.00 charge for the doctor to collect the cord blood the time of your delivery, which must be paid prior to delivery. Depending on the cord blood banking provider that you select, there may be an additional fee for the cord blood collection kit and the storage of the cold blood after the delivery. If there is a fee for the kit or the storage, it will be handled through the provider.

Notifying Us Before Your Delivery

As soon as you know that you will be having a Cord Blood collection, please advise our OB Coordinator, Kristina. You can reach her by calling (215)340-2229 ext. 120 or you can come see her when you are at the office at your next doctor visit.

Insurance Coverage For Cord Blood Collection

Since the cord blood collection is a separate procedure from your deliver, we do not submit the collection of the cord blood to insurance companies. It is your responsibility to call your insurance company to see if this is a covered service, and if so, to submit your receipt to them for reimbursement.

Contact Us With Your Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about cord blood collection for your delivery, just contact us at 215-340-2229 to speak with a member of our staff, who will be able to get you all of the information that you need. We look forward to providing you the professional, quality care that the Doylestown Women’s Health Center is known for. We proudly offer our superior care to the women of Bucks, Montgomery and Hunterdon counties, so schedule your appointment with us today to work with us and achieve total health and well-being.