Medications for Obstetric Patients

What Medications Can I Take While Pregnant?


If you are pregnant, you should be highly cautious when considering taking any sort of drug, whether it’s over-the-counter or a prescription. Before taking any medication, be sure to talk to your doctor here at Doylestown Women’s Health Center.

Over-The-Counter Drugs & Pregnancy

The following over-the-counter drugs may be taken safely during pregnancy.  Please remember that “non-drug treatment” should be first attempted, and then if there is no relief, you may use the following guidelines. For example, if you have a headache, first try laying down in a quiet, dark room and rest for a bit. If you still have a headache after awhile, then you might want to try taking Tylenol. Please note that for any of the medications listed below, they may be purchased over-the-counter at a drugstore. Take as directed.

OTC Medications You May Take While Pregnant


  • Maalox

  • Tums

  • Pepcid

  • Rolaids

  • Mylanta

  • Riopan


  • Doxidan

  • Senokot

  • Metamucil

  • Colace

  • Citrucel

  • Peri-Colace

  • Milk of Magnesia


  • Chlor-trimeton

  • Actifed

  • Sudafed (plain)

  • Robitussin DM cough syrup

  • Claritin (for allergies)

  • Tylenol (2 regular or 1 extra strength)


Lozenges (NO MENTHOL)



  • Calcium intake 1200 mg

  • Daily - equivalent to approx. 3 to 4 servings of food containing calcium (dairy) in daily diet


  • Preparation H
  • Anusol
  • Tucks Pads

Prescription Medications

Some prescription medications can potentially cause birth defects and other harm to the baby. Due to the highly customized nature of prescription medications, we advise that you consult your doctor before taking any prescription medications to make sure that it is safe for the health of both you and your baby. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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